De-Coding The Technical Interview Process

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This 200+ page book will contain all of my knowledge about the technical interview process! After spending the last five years perfecting my interview skills with data structures, algorithms, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and systems design I've compiled all of my knowledge and put it in writing for all of you.


"Most of the anxiety I ever experienced with interviewing was around uncertainty and feeling that though I was preparing, I wasn't preparing the right things or in the right way. In "De-Coding The Technical Interview," Emma does a superb job breaking down the process of interviews that reflects the experiences I have had at tech companies. I'm certain that had I prepared for all my interviews using a resource like this, I would have gotten more (and better) offers." - Kent C. Dodds

"Preparing for technical interviews is quite the undertaking. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to study and finding the time to do so. Fortunately, Emma Bostian has you covered with De-Coding The Technical Interview Process. This book does a wonderful job of breaking down each step of the technical interview process from the first call with a recruiter to the negotiation phase! It explains what to expect and suggests how to prepare - including example tasks and the skills needed to solve them. The author even provides a detailed calendar to help you prioritize what and when to study. Even if not actively interviewing, the abundance of technical exercises and problem-solving techniques make this a worthy addition to any software developer's bookshelf."

- Angie Jones

"I failed a ton of interviews in my frontend career because I was not adequately prepared and did not know what to expect. I wish "De-Coding The Technical Interview" had existed when I was starting out, it would have saved me from so many rejections!"

- Max Stoiber

"De-Coding The Technical Interview Process" gives you a clear sense of direction, plan, and actionable steps to prepare for you for a tech job search with maximum success. It contains brilliant examples of questions, concepts, and code challenges that you'll likely come across during your job interview. Learning these concepts will prepare and position you to ace any tech interview.

I love how Emma provides strategic answers to common tech interview questions. It's really helpful.

If you've been hitting a low in getting a job in tech, I recommend you buy this book, it is a pleasure to read."

- Segun Adebayo

"Breaking into the tech industry is hard. Breaking into the tech industry by listening to advice from senior developers who got their first job when knowing HTML and CSS was enough is even harder. In "De-Coding The Technical Interview", Emma gives a masterclass on proving valuable insight from someone experienced enough to be giving interviews while remaining empathetic to the struggles of the developer going through them."

- Tyler McGinnis

"Interviewing for a tech job can be a painful process, but succeeding at an interview can change your life. With “De-Coding the Technical Interview”, Emma has condensed her years of experience in the tech industry into a guide that you can use to get that life-changing job more quickly. If you’re looking for the most modern, practical, and empathetic book about tech interviewing, this is the one to get without hesitation."

- Eve Porcello


Does this book contain code?

Hell to the yes.

I'll show you how to code stacks, queues, linked lists, graphs, and binary search trees. You'll learn bubble sort, merge sort, quick sort, insertion sort, depth-first search, breadth-first search, in-order tree traversals, post-order tree traversals, and pre-order tree traversals.

With custom illustrations depicting each data structure and algorithm, you'll get new exposure to computer science topics. Plus you can check out all the code on my CodeSandbox.

What language are the code snippets written in?

The code in this book is written in JavaScript but the advice and explanation of data structures and algorithms works for all aspects of development.

You'll get an overview of the technical interview process, detailed topics list, tips for nailing your coding challenges, resources for learning topics in-depth, advice on processing a rejection, advice on negotiating an offer, study plans and checklists, and more!

What formats will the book come in?

The book will come in PDF and EPUB formats.

Does the book come in dark theme?

Yep! You can order light theme, dark theme, or both!

I hope you enjoy.

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De-Coding The Technical Interview Process

216 ratings